Industrias Alegre prints 3D protective screens to fight coronavirus


In these days when everyone's help is needed, Industrias Alegre has colaborated in the iniciative "Juntos somos más fuertes CV"within the well-known movement "Coronavirus makers" to print protective screens using the 3D printer in which prototypes are developed within the Innovation department.

"Juntos somos más fuertes CV" is an integrating initiative of the makers community that within the state of alert has been sponsored by the Conselleria de Sanitat Universal y Salut Pública of the Generalitat Valenciana to help professionals who struggle daily, face to face, against COVID19.

Industrias Alegre is manufacturing the fastening visors that, after being disinfected, are assembled with the other components to configure the finished protection screens.

These screens are printed and donated free of charge, and are collected by local authorities for delivery to points of need.

More information about this initiative in "Juntos somos más fuertes CV"

In parallel and with the aim of helping the largest number of restrooms as possible, the company has also donated these protective screens directly to Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset in Valencia for use in the dental and delivery Services.