Industrias Alegre Poland receives FORD Q1 certification for its commitment to quality and excellence.


On 21st January, Industrias Alegre celebrated the delivery of Ford Q1 certification at its plant in the Polish town of Kobierzyce, located in the economic development zone of the city of Wroclaw (Wroclaw), in the Lower Silesia region, southwest of Poland.


The Q1 certification is a distinction that the Ford Company grants to suppliers that meet its requirements of quality standards and continuous improvement, beyond industry standards, and that seeks to strengthen the alliance between Ford and its suppliers with in order to obtain vehicles of higher quality, safer, more sustainable and with more competitive prices.


During the celebration, the plaque and flag were received, which recognize the company's commitment to excellence and quality in both production and industrial processes. An award that is undoubtedly the culmination of a joint work carried out by the entire team of the Polish Plant that has demonstrated its good work, professionalism and commitment to the company; by the Industrias Alegre H.Q. who has coordinated the industrialization of the projects and the training of the local team, and by those in charge of Ford of Europe, also present on that day.




Also in attendance were Mr Ryszard Pacholik, Mayor of Kobierzyce, Mr Jakub Mazur, Vice President of the City of Wroclaw, Mr Przemysłąw Strzelec and Mrs Martyna Nawrocka representatives of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Tarnobrzeg, and Magda Okulowska and Karolina Grzyb, President and Director respectively of the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency (ARAW), who along with members of the Alegre family and its management team, wanted to share this important day for the company, where the commitment and importance that the company always gives to quality, continuous improvement and operational excellence.




The Polish plant of Industrias Alegre started its production for Ford in April 2017 with the manufacture of the set of "interior trim" parts of the Ford Fiesta that the oval firm manufactures at its Cologne plant, and a year later with those of the Ford Focus manufactured in Saarlouis