SC Industrias Alegre S.A.

Joint venture between Industrias Alegre and its local partner, Subansamble Auto.

Pitesti, Romania, 121 Km. from Craiova



SUBANSAMBLE AUTO SA is a private limited company, founded in 1977, and operates in the automotive sector, for the OEM as well as for spare parts.

It is the main supplier to all the Romanian vehicles manufacturers (DACIA, DAEWOO ROMANIA, ARO, ROMAN and ROCAR). The R+D Department, the Projects Department as well as the quality assurance System with the ISO 9001:2000 certificate (since 1996), ISO 14001:1997 and ISO TS 16949:2002, guarantee product quality.

The company has been constantly investing in modern equipment, paying special attention to the R+D Department which now has work stations in CATIA and Euclides and personal computers that use Autocad and PowerMill.

But Subansamble Auto has also invested in its human resources and many of its engineers have been trained and specialised in western companies, then returning to be instructors for the rest of the local team.

SUBANSAMBLE Quality Certificates


Current SUBANSAMBLE Clients



20 machines of 80TN to 1000TN

6500 m2

305 employees

Blow moulding machines of 1l to 200 litres

Types of injection:
- conventional
- with gas
- with metallic inserts

Types of welding:
- ultrasonic
- hot plate

Assembly tools and Poka-Yoke

Added value assemblies