A company with a clear purpose

We create value for our stakeholders and their people

We know that behind our clients and suppliers, our partners and our employees are human faces and stories... professional concerns, needs and desires. Our aim as a company is to help improve their lives and help create a more sustainable planet whilst improving society as a whole.

Our work is people-centred

Right from the start, Industrias Alegres has nurtured close, personal business relationships. This is one of our notable features as a family business: working person-to-person, looking for mutual benefit, and with an eye to the long term.

This people-centred approach is part of our corporate culture. It helps us provide:

We are committed to the wider society

Understanding that efficiency means a lot more than good prices and on-time deliveries, we ensure that what we do makes us a socially committed company.

Our commitments are turned into concrete policies to be followed every day and they are continuously reviewed and improved by the company's management team. To help us achieve our goals, we have developed a set of policies and a code of ethics:

Policies and code of ethics

All our social responsibility policies are aimed at implementing commitments to best business and ethical practices so we can contribute to the UN's sustainable development goals.

Vicente Alegre Patronage

Vicente Alegre Patronage is our vehicle for promoting projects that have a positive impact on the society around us.

Set up in 2021, it pays tribute to the company's founder and completes the path of social and environmental responsibility that is key within the company.

Through it, we aim to create a better environment, extend our culture of technological innovation, respect for people, and building enriching relationships for all parties outside the company. This includes supporting external initiatives and promoting our own projects.

Equality plan

Equal opportunities between men and women at Industrias Alegre is considered one of the strategic principles in corporate policy and people management.

On 10 March 2020, the Negotiating Committee was set up with the aim of creating a space for dialogue in which all agreements and measures adopted are carried out in a consensual manner.

The Equality Plan covers the entire workforce of Industrias Alegre and all those areas and people who, during the period of validity of the Plan, are created and incorporated into the organisation.

Duration of the Plan, 4 years (2020-2024)

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