Hybrid Box

The container that protects parts and eliminates waste

Protect parts during shipping to an assembly plant without the need for waste. This was the challenge we set ourselves and which we solved it with the Hybrid Box.

It looks like a simple container but is, in fact, an innovative packaging system. It has folding walls and incorporates a system that enables the usual non-returnable protectors to be done away with.

Stable flow of perfect parts and zero waste

Hybrid Boxes are custom-designed for each client so that their parts can be protected during transportation, but without the cardboard, plastic films and pieces of foam that have been used for years to separate parts when they are transported from one location to another. 

Our system reduces the waste of non-returnable materials, the need for storage and essential waste management.

An innovative design with significant advantages

  • Fast

    With just one movement, the entire container can be folded with its interiors inside in just 15 seconds
  • Slight

    Its light weight significantly improves handling and reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions
  • Ergonomic

    Every part of the container is designed to facilitate the operator's work. The main innovation is the automatic locking system to secure the sleeve to the base without having to bend down to operate it
  • Dedicated

    The HybridBox system can incorporate reusable packaging and protection, designed specifically for each part. This avoids the continuous waste of disposable packaging elements such as cardboard, foams, plastic sheets, etc.
  • Waterproof

    Las superficies lisas y cerradas del contenedor evitan la acumulación de suciedad y evitan el polvo o el agua en su interior, protegiendo así la mercancía
  • Traceable

    The HybridBox is designed to work well with radio frequency traceability (RFID) systems
  • Compatible

    With the FLC (Large Folded Container) the most used in the automotive sector. In the same way it can be compatible with other
  • Recyclable

    Hybrid box components are recyclable and easily replaceable if broken, providing more flexible maintenance

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Always made to measure

The container is designed to suit each client's needs:

  • With two base dimensions available:
    HB1210: 1.200 x 1.000 mm
    HB1312: 1.300 X 1.200 mm
  • The height can be altered to suit specific requirements.
  • The interior is designed to ensure that parts always travel protected.
  • The exterior is customised with the colours and markings according to the client’s needs.

Always compatible

Hybrid Box packs are compatible for stacking with FLCs - one of the most widely used in the automotive industry. This means more efficient use in warehouses.

We also offer models for standard dimensions in other sectors.

Additional services

Created using eco-design principles

In addition to eliminating waste, Hybrid Box is designed to make the industry more sustainable:

  • It is made from easily recyclable materials
  • If a part breaks, it can be replaced - thus extending its useful life


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