Additive manufacturing

High reusability 3D polypropylene solutions

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Leaders for an emerging technology

Working in partnership with the major international leaders, our company was Spain's first - and one of the world's first - to take up the challenge of additive manufacturing in high reusable polypropylene. We spent a year exploring this technology in depth and we now include it as part of our offering, confident that it is a high-value tool for the most competitive of industries.

With 3D technology, we can provide unique user experiences, accelerate innovation processes and change many of mass production's parameters.

Polypropylene and Multi Jet Fusion Technology (MJF)

Polypropylene is chemical resistant, weldable, has low moisture absorption and is capable of providing functional parts. So far, however, it has not been used much in 3D printing because of the difficulties involved during heat treatment.

Now, with HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology, the material offered by BASF, and our expertise in development and manufacturing, we can offer fully guaranteed production. From a single piece to mass production.

A perfect solution for short runs

Functional prototypes


Short series

Tooling and tools

Control templates


... as well as for mass production

Full service providers

Our accumulated experience means we can offer a full end-to-end range of services

We can help

  • Full supply

    With our expertise, we can support you throughout your project - from preliminary study to finished part

  • Urgent orders

    Technology means we can help you when you have an emergency

  • Complete tanks

    Take on the full capacity of the tank, you will get your parts at a better price

  • Personalised service

    We tailor our service to meet your needs

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Industrial innovation accelerator

Additive manufacturing is proving to be a driver of good ideas in industrial design. Integrating it into the creation process enables:

  • The development, evaluation and improvement of prototypes in record time
  • Overcoming former physical limits - as we are now able to manufacture structures that were not feasible with injection moulding
  • Being able to devise new parts that are lighter and able to integrate several elements that previously overlapped or were assembled
  • Eliminating assembly steps and simplifying supply chains

Opportunities for the most cutting edge of projects

Partnership with industrial startups

We offer a special service for young technology companies that can benefit from our knowledge and additive manufacturing.

  • Let us help you with consulting, prototyping and pre-series during the development process
  • At launch, we can provide the support you need to ensure that large-scale industrialisation is successful

With the added value of sustainability

Because 3D manufacturing:

  • Generates no waste during the manufacturing process
  • Shortens and simplifies supply chains, limiting CO2 footprints
  • Avoids the need for stock and therefore the risk of scrapped parts

Find out more about our commitments to the environment

A strategic partnership

Polypropylene - a lightweight, chemical resistant product that acts as a good insulator - was rarely used in 3D printing because it requires extraordinary precision when subject to heat. Until BASF and HP came up with the right material and the right printer. 

Our company was a pioneer in incorporating this technology at its plant in Valencia and began exploring all the advantages it offers industry. 

As a company at the cutting edge, we exchange information with these two leading brands and show third parties the true developments in this new way of manufacturing.

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