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Our company has been supplying parts to the automotive industry in dozens of countries for over 50 years. Over the past two decades, we have continued expanding and improving our experience and are now a full service supplier. We took this spirit of service and started to expand internationally so that we can be located where our customers' production and assembly plants are

Our company has focused on components for vehicle interiors

  • Upper and lower pillars
  • Central and roof consoles and IP components
  • Seat components
  • Door components
  • Trunk
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We are Full service supplier

Working today for sustainable travel tomorrow

Our research work and the innovations we develop are aimed at supporting sustainable transportation, with electric and connected cars that will need more plastic parts to make them lighter and safer.

Plastronics, new technologies, and new materials are part of the vocabulary we use today for the automotive industry of tomorrow.


Our experience in plastics means we are able to offer global solutions in packaging across multiple sectors.

We can provide the design and manufacture of customised boxes to meet each client's specific needs. 


Connected logistics: from radio frequency to 5G

We understand the importance of traceability for the logistics industry, and have for some time been working on effective and competitive solutions.

Until now, we have been working on the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) devices in packaging units. Now, with the roll-out of 5G networks, we are moving to the IoT as a solution for connected logistics.


Our experience in the demanding automotive world has led us to other industries that are equally competitive and need to meet high standards.

Today, we offer our expertise to the wind power and aerospace industries, white and brown appliances, and agricultural equipment manufacturers.

Opportunities for the most avant-garde projects

We offer high levels of commitment

We provide our industrial customers with research and innovations that build on their commitments, providing guarantees at every step:

  • Maximum environmental sustainability 
  • Social commitment

Let's start to create something new

If you are a company, start-up, research centre or are already part of Alegre as an employee or supplier, please get in touch.


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