Plastic injection moulding

Global solutions for the most demanding of projects

Plastic injection moulding technologies

Plastic injection moulding technologies have been at the heart of our company since its inception.

We started out as die makers, then became expert manufacturers and are now a global supplier of injection moulding services.

Our lengthy experience - almost seven decades of accumulated knowledge - means that today we can help other companies with their projects, partnering with them to achieve success.

Expert service for an end-to-end process

We work from the conceptualisation of an idea through to production to achieve a perfect result

Turnkey projects

By controlling the entire manufacturing process, from design of the part to post-production, we can with companies across a variety of exacting industries. 

This experience means that today we are able to offer even better quality, greater imagination and better solutions for the turnkey projects we undertake. 

All injection technologies

There is a type of injection moulding for every need and every project. With materials, inserts or characteristics adapted to each case.

We know all the typologies. And we work with expertise in all of them.

Beyond injection

  • Poke-Yoke and assembly devices
  • Robot assisted
  • Welding
  • Ultrasonic
  • Tampo-printing
  • Hot Plate
  • Vibration

Quality assured throughout the process


Your project is unique, so let’s talk


Solid production capacity

Working with the most exacting industries

Towards the circular economy

In view of the challenges we face globally, it is our aim to be part of the solution. Which is why we work according to ECO-DESIGN principles - to ensure the parts we make help to build a sustainable future.

Find out more about our commitments to the environment

Our injection moulding projects are always a success.

Would you like yours to be too?


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