What can we expect from the new plastics for the automotive industry?

We are experts in the transformation of plastics. As such, one of the most interesting contributions we can make to the automotive industry is to test out the new polymers that the manufacturers are placing on the market. That is our RECILAB-IA project.

 new plastics for the automotive industry

We do not want to wait until we have an order to test out the properties of the new polymers which the industry is bringing onto the market. With public opinion demanding greater sustainability in all spheres, the large manufacturers are offering more and more biological or recycled plastics, the latter of post-industrial and post-consumption origin. They are very valuable materials because they represent the emergence of a truly circular economy, but we know that their conditions can be very different to those of virgin plastic.

A project to compare and assist in decision-making

That is why we have set out to investigate both biocomposites and recycled materials of different origins and brands. It is a project which we launched under the name RECILAB-IA . With it, we want to know their requirements in the injection process, what characteristics they offer once the part has been manufactured, and the limits of each one of them. In short, we want to test them out in order to be able to advise our clients on what the best plastic is for each project and so their products are more sustainable without losing the desired reliability at any time.

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