8 March: going beyond gestures

At Industrias Alegre, we know that we need to go beyond the month of March and beyond gestures. We know that having women in positions of responsibility is a matter of corporate profitability - which is why you find so many women in our workforce.

8 March: going beyond gestures

Aware of this commitment, Adecco Foundation invited us to take part this year in an initiative called #EmpleoParaTodas, which was particularly focused on women who are at risk from social exclusion. The approach and especially the overall results obtained were very gratifying: 641 vulnerable women took part in employment workshops; 1,049 job orientation and intermediation initiatives; 71 employment workshops; 44 jobs created for vulnerable women; and 104 committed companies - including ourselves.

Our colleague Cristina Vázquez was our representative for the initiative. As a member of our human resources team, she met with several women job-seekers and worked alongside them in a hands-on workshop. The candidates were interviewed by her and other experts and then received specific feedback on their performance: their strengths and areas for improvement. Afterwards, all the workshop participants shared their queries and concerns with the experts who assisted them.

For Industrias Alegre and Mecenazgo Vicente Alegre, this initiative was an excellent opportunity to put into practice their commitment to Sustainable Development Goals.

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