Data and artificial intelligence experts study our projects

Organised by Atlas Tecnologico, the People and Data 2022 conference was held in Valencia at the end of September. Its aim was to unite key people and organisations in the Spanish digital ecosystem with the greatest experts of Industry 4.0. Its programme included talks, time for networking and visits to some highlighted industries. One of them was ours.

Data and artificial intelligence experts study our projects

At the Alegre plant, those attending the meeting spent a good part of the morning accompanied by our colleague Alejandro Espert, who showed them our production area, the distribution of machinery and the basic elements of plastic injection moulding. However what interested them the most was how we gather information from production teams, how we manage it and how we work with it afterwards.

Our expert in artificial intelligence explained to attendees the collaborative innovation projects that we are developing based on this technology, their aims, and the repercussions this research may have in the near future. Yes, we spoke a great deal about the future, although Alejandro Espert also offered a complete vision of the present of our plant and how we are implementing our Smart Factory model which will be ready in the coming years.

The visit provoked great curiosity which was reflected in the number of questions from the audience. There were many, but all based on the same topic: data, its quality, its use and the technology to manage it.

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