First tests of plastronics at the plant

A team composed of experts from our Technical Office, R&D&I and Engineering is now working at our plant in Albal (Valencia) to make the mass production of parts with In-Mould Electronics a reality.

First tests of plastronics at the plant

In May this year, the first tests of plastronics were carried out on the injection machines of our plant. The aim of those tests was to familiarise the entire production team with this innovative technology, recognising the barriers involved and learning to overcomes them in order to begin the mass production of those kinds of parts.

Nuria Dasí, our chief engineer, outlines the three most delicate aspects of production, related directly to the films which support the functional electronics.

“One of the most important challenges is to control the maximum radiuses you can reach on a curved part without causing damage to the films. It is also important to manage the flow of material at the injection point, because if it clashes with the ink, that could render it unusable. And, finally, we have been able to evaluate just how important it is to correctly hold the films in the tooling, without damaging them and making sure they are perfectly aligned, because, if not, when you press the icons the functions may not be activated”.

All those points were resolved by a team of experts from the Technical Office, R&D&I and Engineering, which is now certain that this technology can be introduced into future designs.

In the photo, from left to right: Manuel Bonanad, from the Technical Office, José Campos and Nuria Dasi, from Product Engineering; and Laura Tornero, from the R&D&I Department.

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