Audere: when we helped to create a new logistics solution

Connected logistics is a high value proposal. But to make this a reality, we need to carry out tests to help us understand all of the difficulties that could arise on the day to day. This is why the Audere project was so important for Industrias Alegre. It gave us the opportunity to get involved in an ambitious project and drive us towards this new smart industry.


At first glance, last mile packages, urban waste collection and industrial logistics are all completely different worlds. But your perspective changes when you want to ensure that transport for any physical material, whatever it may be, is organised in an autonomous and optimised manner using robots and 5G connections, using cloud platforms and taking advantage of all of the digital tools already available. That was the key to the success of this project.

A solid team to ensure success

Audere was a project designed for a new residential neighbourhood, in the style of a smart city. La Pinada in Paterna. The goal was to create a double logistics structure to implement an optimised waste collection system and a package delivery system. Both using autonomous robots that know how to optimise their journeys. And always aimed at cutting vehicle transit time to reduce their carbon footprint, noise pollution and costs.

Many different organisations were involved in the Audere project: Robotnik, the company that provided the autonomous vehicles; Fivecomm, that handled communications infrastructure, and Mosaik, the firm that looked after frontend and backend applications. At Industrias Alegre, we provided the smart containers, and we all had the support of the UPV (Politécnica de Valencia University) and the financial support of AVI (the Valencian Innovation Agency).

The results were presented at the end of 2021 and we came out with excellent ratings. However, the experience we gained along the way was just as important as the solution, and it helped us continue on our own path.

Designing the future

Joining forces, bringing together ideas from different sectors and working towards a common goal was essential to achieving our objectives. And the most important thing is, once we had completed this challenge, we realised that what we had started to create was going to be the immediate future.

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