Industrias Alegre joins the challenge to accelerate the employment of women at risk of exclusion in Spain

6.5 million women are at risk of social exclusion and/or poverty in our country, 27.2% of the total. In the case of men, 24.8% are in this situation (5.7 million). In this context, Industrias Alegre has joined the Women's Week 2024, an initiative of the Adecco Foundation that has united the commitment of about 100 companies around the great challenge of labor inclusion of women who have it more difficult.


Today, Friday, March 8, is International Women's Day.  In this context, Industrias Alegre has joined an initiative aimed at the inclusion of women who have it more difficult, lending its support and collaboration to the Women's Week 2024, an initiative of the Adecco Foundation whose objective is twofold: to strengthen the accompaniment of women with more difficulties in accessing employment, accelerating their inclusion, as well as to raise awareness and involve the business community to generate more inclusive work environments.
In this way, our company joins an alliance of around one hundred companies that are committed to working hand in hand with the Adecco Foundation to identify employment opportunities for women at risk of exclusion, specifically addressing their needs.
All this in a context in which 6.5 million women in Spain (27.2% of the total) are at risk of social exclusion, with unemployment being the main trigger. Among men, the figure drops to 24.8% of the total (5.7 million). The reason for this gap lies mainly in the predominant role assigned to women in family responsibilities, which causes higher inactivity ratios, a higher unemployment rate and a tendency to concentrate on part-time work, with a consequent lower level of income,
"Companies play a fundamental role in the challenge of equalizing the situation of women in the labor market, eliminating historical barriers that have traditionally hindered their full inclusion. We are firmly convinced that initiatives such as Women's Week 2024, in which Industrias Alegre collaborates, considerably accelerate this challenge, uniting the commitment of organizations that, as generators of employment and benchmarks in Spain, are aware that women's employment is not only a matter of social justice, but also an essential driver of competitiveness and economic growth"- highlights Francisco Mesonero, general manager of the Adecco Foundation.
Industrias Alegre supports the intensive labor intermediation program developed by the Adecco Foundation's network of branches and professionals, to promote the professional skills of women at risk of social exclusion, through workshops led by experts, mentoring actions, or motivational workshops for employment. The awareness campaign "¿Nacida para la exclusión?" (Born for exclusion?), created within the framework of this Week and which conveys a powerful message: the greater risk of exclusion to which women are exposed from birth, and how employment is the element par excellence to get ahead, has also been added to reinforce the campaign.
The campaign can be viewed on this website

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