Sharing our knowledge about polypropylene additive manufacturing

After two years of working at the forefront of this technology and several tests, we decided to share the knowledge we have developed on polypropylene 3D printing.


We organised two conferences on additive manufacturing (on 25 November and 27 January), the second was organised in collaboration with AVEP, the Valencian Association of Plastics Companies.

Manufacturers, engineers and raw material suppliers with an interest in going beyond their theoretical knowledge and putting it into practice came together at both events. The limits of cost-effectiveness versus agility, resistance, morphologies, functional differences with injected parts, finishes... All of these were discussed with Manuel Casasús and José Pérez, our experts from the Additives department.

HP’s own printer that works with polypropylene powder was also discussed and, at the very foot of the equipment, the experts agreed on the advantages of using it to accelerate product development processes and innovation.

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