Smart HybridBox: bringing sustainable, transparent logistics controlled in real time

No more lost containers. No more stops to take inventory. Connected logistics is this and much more. It’s having the most important data on your component fleet in real time. It’s receiving alerts when something unusual happens. It’s preventing errors. The connected logistics designed by Industrias Alegre is the essential link to driving the Smart Industry.


Connected logistics has finally arrived, after endless changes with crazy names that looked like they came from a sci-fi movie. And it just goes to show that, in so many situations, reality is much more sophisticated, yet more simple, than we realise. More sophisticated because of the technological innovation used to support it. And more simple because now, it doesn’t matter how data is obtained, it’s having a totally transparent and efficient system. It’s a way of working that allows you to:

  • Track your fleet in real time, including the location and status of its components.
  • Automate and optimise storage processes, with an inventory that is always up to date.
  • Offer full transparency for our clients, effectively bringing together business and industrial relationships.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary movement of materials and containers.

Three elements combined in a super-efficient system

Our proposal includes three key elements:

  1. The light Hybrid Boxes are a very efficient starting point. These are foldable containers for quick and ergonomic use that protect goods without the need for single use foam, films or cardboard, and therefore don’t create waste. They promote the circular economy.
  2. The geolocation devices are easy to assemble. They are placed in every container, so we can obtain their real time data. They tell us their location, whether they are full or empty or moving. They can also send other data depending on your needs (weight, temperature, moisture or vibrations, for example).
  3. The data monitoring and management platform provides the user company with effective knowledge on its assets in real time and with user friendly information. It can be used to locate assets and their status, export lists, generate historical series or configure alerts to help prevent issues.

The evolution of the HybridBox has been a team effort

This connected system is the intelligent and digital evolution of the HybridBox, the special container we created a few years ago at Industrias Alegre. Since its creation, this container has helped drive logistics pooling, reusing equipment and eliminated single-use products, which is greatly appreciated in many industrial sectors, from the automotive sector to the white, grey and brown goods industries

This smart version was the result of a team effort. We combined our industrial logistics know how with the experience of two leading companies: Sigfox, supplier (and support) of the devices used, and Fivecomm, a company dedicated to the use and implementation of 5G mobile technologies for industrial applications and mobility.

Traceability, geolocation, inventory control, preventing problems. Connected logistics offer a myriad of advantages.

Do you want to explore them with a Smart HybridBox? Get in touch with Jesús Ibáñez ( for a demo.

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