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  • Plastronics: the benefits of a promising emerging technology

    The potential for switches without mechanical parts is one of the most promising aspects of plastronics (also called IME - In-Mould Electronics). It is every design professional's dream to have a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that is simultaneously capable of incorporating capacitive elements, lighting and even haptic feedback and aerials. Today, we know that it is not a dream but an emerging technology that holds special value for some industries such as automotive or household appliances. We take a look at the enormous advantages of a way of working that Industrias Alegre has started incorporating into its operations and processes.

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  • Amparo Vázquez: "After a year of research and hard work, we now consider ourselves plastronics integrators"

    The aim was to truly take up the challenge and experiment with in-mould electronics, using a part that was as difficult as it could be: capacitive sensors, lighting, dimmer... all within a minimum thickness and in a curved part. Was it a crazy thing to try and do? No: it was a way for Industrias Alegre's R&D&I department to test our capabilities and put ourselves through a tough apprenticeship. Now, a year later and with the team feeling confident about this emerging technology, we talk about the experience gained with the head of the department, Amparo Vázquez.

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  • Fighting viruses and bacteria using fabricated 3-D surfaces

    Is it possible to create materials that have bactericidal and virucidal surfaces with high levels of durability and effectiveness? And could these sanitising surfaces be used to treat the air in enclosed spaces? Behind these questions is technological institute AIDIMME who worked with Industrias Alegre on a project called FILTAIR to study contact biocides that could be incorporated into additive manufacturing surfaces.

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  • Looking for the best battery for the electric car

    It is obvious to anyone that electric cars do not cause emissions and are therefore looked upon favourably by members of the public who are concerned about the future of the planet. However, when talking about carbon footprint, we have to take account of all the impacts: the impact from their use, as well as that generated by making and recycling batteries. This is why Industrias Alegre decided to take part in this project, which is aimed at improving the performance of batteries for electric cars and minimising their impact.

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  • 8 March: going beyond gestures

    At Industrias Alegre, we know that we need to go beyond the month of March and beyond gestures. We know that having women in positions of responsibility is a matter of corporate profitability - which is why you find so many women in our workforce.

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  • Víctor Vaccaro: ‘working with additive manufacturing means thinking outside the box, because you’ve got enormous design freedom’

    As an engineer and additive manufacturing expert, our colleague Víctor Vaccaro was the obvious choice for receiving training from HP when we decided to add HP Multi Jet Fusion technology to our services catalogue. Nearly 18 months have passed since that date. During this time, he has analysed data and lab tests, has performed tests and made a few mistakes before working on real projects with real satisfied clients. We talk to him today to learn about the current state of additive manufacturing:

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